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Weifang Leader co.,was established in 1986,it has three branches:  

1.       Weifang Leader dredger co.,

Mainly for various size cutter suction dredgers production:we are the biggest manufacture for CSD from LD800-LD12000 in China.company-.jpg

2.       Weifang Leader pipes and floaters factory.

Mainly for UHMWPE pipe, rubber hose and floater production which match with the cutter suction dredgers.

3.       Weifang Leader international trade company.

Mainly for international marketing and exporting for the Dredgers,pipeline,construction machinery etc.

 Weifang Leader co isThe only Professional Chinese manufacture for the cutter suction dredger production which combine:Design and reserch,Production,export and after sale service.

The Chinese dredge manufacture who has many branch offices in Asia,Russia,Mid-East,Africa countries etc;

The Chinese manufacture who keep the biggest sale anualy for cutter suction dredgers.

Leader dredger,on the march to a world famous brand name,is your ideal choice for dredging machinery!