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How To Choose Dredging Equipment?

2019-11-01 17:11:22 Jason 7560

How To Choose Dredging Equipment?

This article will introduce you to the construction equipment that should be selected for different construction environments.

Want to know the type of dredging boat can refer to -types of dredger

Environment Dredging

Environmental dredging is to clear the pollutants in the water and return the water to a non-polluting state. This is done to protect the environment and to improve the environment. If the river pond, pond or other waters cannot be cleaned regularly, the pollutants in the water will emit an unpleasant smell. The weeds will grow in the water. The color of the water will turn green, and even more serious. A bad smell. 

These gases are harmful to the human body. And all the creatures in the water will die, and the surrounding animals will leave their place of survival.

If there are a lot of weeds in the water, you can choose a professional weeding dredger that can effectively remove weeds from the water.

If the water contains silt and small stones, you can choose cutter suciton dredger (the size of the dredger needs to be determined by the size of the pond or lake). Cutter suction dredger can effectively remove the mud from the water, or suck the sand in the water to the shore to increase the depth or width of the water.

When the environment to be cleaned is small, we can choose Leader Dredger's protable dredger. It has a lower price because he can only control through the cable car, and the scope of each dredging is small. So if the dredging environment is very small, protable dredger is the best choice.

cutter suction dredger.jpg

Construction Dredging

Building new land, building channels, building ports or docks, and meeting various other building requirements is called construction dredging.

Construction dredging can vary depending on the construction project. Even need a variety of dredging boats to work with each other

If it is a large construction project, such as the construction of a port, this requires a variety of dredgers to cooperate with each other. Use bucket dredger to transport large stones from the sea away from the construction area and then use the trailing suction hopper dredger to transport the sediment in the sea to the construction area or The cutter is dredger dredger to directly discharge the sediment to the construction area.

Construction Dredging - Leader Dredger.jpg

Channel Dredging

Channels or waterways that have not been treated for a long time will become more and more shallow, and eventually large ships or container carriers cannot walk normally. Therefore, dredgers are needed to deepen the waterway or waterway to improve navigation. Convenient for large ships, this is called channel dredging, and any channel needs to regularly clean up sediments in the water. Channel dredging is the simplest dredging.

We can choose the largest and most convenient large-sized cutter suction dredger, and continuously swing the cutter head to deepen the navigation channel through the control of the cable car. The cutter suction dredger can discharge sediment to a distance of 15km to 20km.


Casual Dredging

The dredigng technique is used in ponds or lakes where sediments and weeds lead to shallowing. If you do not regularly, they will become too shallow to be used. This is very similar to environmental dredging, but the difference is that leisure dredging refers to smaller ponds or lakes.

Protable dredger is the best choice, because the area that needs dredging is small, proatble dredger can be satisfied.

Jet Suction Dredger - Leader Dredger.jpg

Restore Dredging

Dredgers are often used to restore or build new beaches, lakes or to help protect the coast. This is the strength of a medium-sized cutter suction dredger. Although the cutter suction dredger cannot move, it has this very long discharge distance and construction speed. The project can be completed in a short time. The split cutter dredger designed by Leader Dredger can disassemble the hull directly after dredging for easy transportation.

Lake dredging equipment - Leader Dredger.jpg

Professional Dredging

Sometimes the dredging task is not any of the above. Please contact us at this time, we will provide the most suitable dredging equipment for your dredging task. If you need a professional designer and salesperson from Leader Dredger, you will go to your country to get to know your dredging task face to face.

Leader Dredger can provide you with customized services to meet your project needs.

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