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What Is Dredging?

2019-11-01 17:13:27 Jason 1629

What Is Dredging?

Dredging is an excavation activity that recycles and moves parts of the water to another location. Sand and gravel are used in concrete mixtures.

There are many types of equipment that can be dredged. Different environments use different dredging equipment. In special environments, custom equipment will appear.

Dredging is a form of underwater or partial underwater excavation in shallow waters or seawater, and is mainly used to maintain navigation of waterways or ports. By collecting underwater sediments and transporting them elsewhere to assist coastal protection, land reclamation and coastal redevelopment.

Dredging Effect:

Dredging projects, although he has the advantages of keeping waterways and ports open to navigation and assisting coastal protection, but also has two sides like coins.

These negative effects are very important, because if you don't pay attention during the construction process, it will often affect the existence and life of marine habitats.

In dredging projects, minerals in the water change, and this change in composition tends to affect the life of marine life, animals and plants that are prevalent in this part of the water.

It is believed that if dredging works are carried out in the waters used in the farmland, changes in the composition of the minerals will affect the planting of the crops and lead to land fallow due to the excessive presence of minerals such as nitrates and phosphates.

In conclusion:

Therefore, in the process of dredging, we must pay attention to collecting the waste generated, and take appropriate measures to dump it in areas where there is no important life form that may be harmed. People need excessive attention and prevention to monitor and prevent this from happening.

Dredging is a process that needs to be done frequently in today's world, and it is the best, safest and most reliable method in the right place.

We will continue to describe what is dredging? later.

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