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Why Choose Cutter Suction Dredger?

2019-11-01 17:12:29 Jason 6537

Why Choose Cutter Suction Dredger

The cutter suction dredger is widely used for dredging, tunnel excavation and landfill in rivers and lakes. In special cases, high-power reamer equipment will be installed on the cutter suction dredger. Ports, waterway dredging, and dredging projects are all adapted.

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The function of the cutter suction dredger is more and more. One dredger of different kinds of engineering projects is enough to solve the problem; the dredging operation is more and more intelligent. With the development of technology, the dredger itself is applied. Many high-tech elements are in it, simplifying the operating procedures and improving production efficiency; the dredger design and development process has its own unique standards.

The cutter suction dredger has high working efficiency, large output and long pump distance. Large cutter suction dredgers can produce thousands of cubic meters per hour; sediment or gravel material is pumped several kilometers away by powerful power through mud pumps and mud pipes.

The cutter suction dredger is easy to operate and easy to control. Dredgers rely on the stern of the stern to locate and propel steel piles.

The reamer bridge arm is used to pass through the wire rope on both sides, and the anchor is fixed in the groove, and the dredging task is performed by continuous swinging. The sediment is pumped to a designated area. The advancement of the dredger requires an alternating movement of the two piles.

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The cutter suction dredger has good economy and has obvious advantages in this respect. The dredging materials excavated and transported can be completed only by the cutter suction dredger, and do not need other transporting vessels to carry out deep excavation and long-distance transportation. This shows that his relative engineering cost is low.

The cutter suction dredger reamer is one of the main components that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the dredger.

The reamer is divided into two types: open type and closed type. The front reamer of Leader Dredger's cutter suction dredger is beautiful and beautiful. The most advanced wear-resistant material can produce a large cutting force. The materials are also very particular, depending on the working environment, choose different wear-resistant materials, have a long service life, adapt to various types of soil, rock formations, gravel and so on.

And the cutter of the cutter suction dredger can be temporarily replaced according to the needs of the working conditions, so that the dredger that is easy to replace the cutter has received more people's likes.

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There are many dredgers that do not have the ability to sail on their own. They want to work in the next place and need the help of other vessels. The large cutter suction dredgers can move on their own and work very efficiently.

The construction method of the cutter suction dredger is diverse, including folding cross-excavation construction, section digging method, and counter-current construction.

The folding cross-excavation method is suitable for general construction areas, construction areas with large wind and waves, and areas with large water flow rates.

The section excavation method is suitable when the effective extension length of the dredger water pipeline is smaller than the length of the trench, the curve section of the trench, the segmentation time required by the customer, and the specifications of the trench are various. Subject to navigation or other various factors

The counter-current flow construction is suitable for inland rivers and the like.

The main layout features of the cutter suction dredger are the deck mud pump and the mud pump inside the tank.

The advantage of the deck mud pump is that the mud pump is on the top of the deck, which is beneficial to the inspection and maintenance of the mud pump and the replacement of some parts. The mud line does not have a line up and down, and the pipeline loss is small. Since the mud pump and some of its ancillary equipment are installed outside the cabin, it leaves a huge space for the cabin, air circulation, indoor facilities will be more perfect, and the sun will be more adequate.

The advantage of the mud pump inside the ship is that the position of the mud pump is low, the mud pump and its ancillary facilities are installed inside the cabin, and the ability to absorb sand and sediment is strong, and the deck area is relatively spacious.


The power drive mode of the cutter suction dredger is also diverse and can be roughly divided into an independent drive mode and an electric drive mode. The power drive mode has low investment cost, simple and uncomplicated system, convenient maintenance and so on. The electric drive mode is a drive mode that is often used abroad. It is obviously more flexible in operation, more economical, and more cost-effective. It is a very convenient mode. Of course, it also has its own shortcomings.

Leader Dredger designed a large and medium-sized cutter suction dredger that can be disassembled. This design reduces the difficulty of transportation and is extremely convenient to transport.

Cutter Suction Dredger - Leader Dredger.jpg

The cutter of the cutter suction dredger can be temporarily replaced according to the needs of the working conditions, so that the dredger that is easy to replace the cutter has received more people's likes.

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