The Technical Cooperation - Leader Dredger

Dredger Technical Cooperation

Dredger is a special engineering ship with complex structure and high technical content. Its core technology has long been monopolized by Europe and strictly blocked. In the past, China did not have the experience and ability to design and manufacture large modern dredgers. The large-scale dredging and filling projects bidding internationally were mainly won by five or six large-scale dredging companies in the world. China’s long-term dependence on imports will not only require huge amounts of funds, but also cannot master key technologies, and the limited production capacity of related companies cannot meet the needs of domestic infrastructure and participation in international competition, which severely restricts the development of Chinese dredging enterprises.

At that time, China was completely blank in terms of large-scale dredging vessels. How to design large-scale dredging vessels and special equipment, what materials should be used for key components, and how to match the main equipment, etc. had no information and precedents to refer to. Chinese technicians have investigated almost all relevant ship types together. The first step is to see how others build them, then come back to think about why they did it, and then study the related calculation methods and mechanisms.

When the “TIAN KUN HAO” was designed and constructed, the German design scheme was originally used. As a result, the German design scheme was “unacceptable” to the domestic demand at the time. The displacement, structure, and main performance all had to undergo “major surgery”. Said “the plan is okay, you change you are responsible”.

The Chinese design team did not hesitate to modify the ship design plan according to China’s actual needs, and finally successfully designed and manufactured this self-propelled cutter suction dredger.

“TIAN KUN HAO” cutter suction dredger, with a cutter power of 4,200 kilowatts, can dig rocks and coral reefs, with a maximum digging depth of 30 meters, and a total installed power of 2,020 kilowatts. It became the largest self-propelled super-large self-propelled in Asia at that time and third in the world. Cutter suction dredger.

In March 2018, the world’s largest heavy-duty non-self-propelled cutter suction equipment “Xin Haixu” with completely independent intellectual property rights was delivered for use, and immediately went to the ocean for the construction of the “Belt and Road” port.

From “HANGJIAO 2001” to “XIN HAI XU”, China’s cutter suction dredger’s design and construction strength has been developed by leaps and bounds. Production, education, research and application are organically combined, independent innovation capabilities have been significantly improved, and many technologies have reached the world’s leading level.

At present, China’s dredging equipment shipment rate exceeds 95%, and the total construction cost is less than 50% of the same type of foreign ships. Compared with similar foreign products, it has the advantages of high cost performance and convenient maintenance services. The dredging volume of these dredgers in China has reached 60% of the total dredging volume in the country.

Leader Dredger has produced more than 100 cutter suction dredgers, which are sold to more than 20 different countries.

We cooperate with leading domestic scientific research institutions, universities and professional disciplines, industry professional design institutions, and key component manufacturers’ technical teams, aiming to design reliable products with reasonable structure and excellent performance. design phase.

among them:

  • 712 research institute
  • 708 research institute
  • ShangHai Ship Design Institute
  • ShangHai Jiao Tong University

It is our main cooperative research institution. Only with a high-performance, low-cost, and easy-to-maintain dredger design can a high-quality dredger be produced.