There are many different types of dredgers depending on the construction environment. Different dredgers have different uses.

For example, when the stones at the bottom are very large and very hard, it is very wrong to use cutter suction dredgers because cutter suction dredgers cannot break large hard stones, which will cause the cutting blade to wear or wear. It even cracked. Serious damage to the core components (pumps) of the dredger will result in longer maintenance costs.

When the bottom of the water has very large and hard stones, we should choose a bucket dredger, similar to a bucket. It just needs to remove the stones from the bottom of the water and put them in the transport boat. This is the correct way to handle it.

Therefore, it is important to choose the type of dredger. Choosing the right dredger can first reduce construction time and secondly reduce maintenance costs.

In addition, Leader Dredger can customize dredgers to meet your specific project needs. Therefore, we can provide dredges for various applications.

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