Dredger Frequently Asked Questions

For cutter suction dredgers, we are always ready for fast delivery for each model, so we will always have one in our Leader Dredger warehouse.

Leader Dredger Suggestion: Standard size dredger can not meet all different construction environments, you can contact us to help you choose

We provide a variety of dredger sizes for customers to choose. Depending on the size of the dredger, the digging capacity varies from 20 inches (6m) to 100 inches (30m), depending on the dredger model.

For special applications, Leader Dredger can provide customized services

The standard series of dredger engines and pumps have an effective output range of 1,640 '(500m) to 6,561' (2000m).

If customized dredger equipment is used, the effective output range can exceed 9,842 (3000m)

Please fill in the questionnaire on the Product > Custom Dredger page.

Leader Dredger will help you choose a dredger through the content you filled in.

Our standard series of dredgers are in stock, and we can ship immediately after receiving the payment. If it is a custom dredger, we need 3 to 4 months to produce, and the delivery time on larger equipment depends on the manufacturing workload.

Leader Dredger's manufacturing plant retains a large number of dredger parts. We provide a one-year warranty on some parts, and the rest of the parts can be shipped from the factory to all parts of the world. Please contact us, our parts department will reply you as soon as possible.

Of course, we will ask you for detailed data on construction projects when you choose a dredger. With these data, Leader Dredger helps you choose a more suitable dredger.

If accurate construction project data is provided as usual, Leader Dredger ’s sales staff will assist them.

Of course, Leader Dredger welcomes you to visit our factory.

We will introduce the production process of Leader Dredger to you in detail

Please visit the Procing page.

Leader Dredger described in detail all the processes of buying dredgers on the page, and marked out what the buyer needs to do in this process.